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  • Burnout is one of the component, that affects the work life negatively. It has negative effect on both personal and organizational dimensions. The syndrome which people often encounter in recent years means “exhaustion of energy, power or sources caused by excessive demands; progressing stress process; and the loss of idealizm”. Burnout syndrome consists of three subdimensions, that are emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. These dimensions represent the change which the burned out person has in his life. Aim of this study is to identify the burnout levels of academic personnel in Gaziosmanpaşa University, to evaluate the relationship between some variables of academic personnel’s burnout level and finally, by determining the origin of burnout problem, to create dealing methods with burnout syndrome. In this study, academic personnel reported moderate levels of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, but high level of reduced personal accomplishment. According to the findings, to diminish the burnout level in the personal accomplishment dimension some actions can be taken. These are encouraging personel development, scheduling seminers, education programs and career days periodically, providing academics to participate these programs, improving the working conditions, benefiting from rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment to diminish the monotony of work.
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