Competitiveness JEL Classification

International Trade: Competitiveness JEL Classification: FIO ; F14

Increasing international competitiveness is a fact of life for all societies. Imbalances exist in each level of competitiveness under all conceivable market environments. To improve these imbalances govemments and fırms interfere to the ongoing market performance. In this respect Feta cheese market in Europe Unity is no exception. Thus, established market competition seems to be growing, with the overall trend of growing market opportunities. This dissertation investigates different competitiveness measures at a fırm level for the leading Feta cheese company in Europe. The fındings show that for the tested years, Garmo is benefıting from the EU market growth, from the appropriate selection of the product and target market mix as well as from fırm level competitiveness improvements that contributed to the overall sııccess of the Firm.

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